Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Job Dilemma

Recently a couple people at my workplace have been told that our jobs come before our families.  I'm not the only person who feels this is wrong.  One girl actually quit.  I feel as though I'm in a different position than most of the girls there though.  Many of the girls have the job as just a way to get through school or are looking for better things.  Cosmetology is my chosen profession.  I don't plan to be in the same store for the rest of my life, eventually I would like to work in an actual salon or start my own business.  However, working here does give me a nice leg up in the world.  Paid training, lots of experience and it looks really good as part of my resume.  I cannot work under conditions that my managers think that it is tolerable to say this place comes before everything in my life, which is not true.  Another girl was told she had to rearrange her schedule for college next semester, which is not an option for her.  So now she is being forced to choose between work and school? Unacceptable.  Sitting around complaining to eachother is not going to get us anywhere.  I feel that if we band together we can make a change, however no one wants to make waves, including myself, whose to know if it will or will not mean major repercussions for all of us.  I really cannot think of any better stand to take than to quit and state that this is the reason.  Be that as it may many people have already done this many times in the past and obviously nothing has changed.  I'm thinking an anonymous letter to corporate is the only route to take.

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