Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Looking Forward

So far 2011 has really been very good to me.  I'm loving the direction my life is headed and hope it continues on this path for a very long time.  I never usually have anything to look forward to in a new year but this year something changed.  It was like midnight turned to 2011 and all was well.  I know there are a few things I have to deal with that will make my path a bit bumpy but I will gladly go through whatever I must in order to reap my rewards.  Here is a list I've made of things I have to look forward to in 2011:

1.  Scream Out Loud Media:  A work friend approached me a few weeks ago and asked how I would feel about writing for a music blog.  She is a photographer and wanted to create a site where we can post photos and interviews from various shows in our area.  I've already interviewed a few bands and I cannot wait to see where this brings me in the future.

2. Relationships (old & new):  I recently became very close friends with someone who was always there but I was blinded by other people's nasty words about him.  I've realized I need to form my own opinions about people and hope that moving forward I can make many more friends.  I've also made a few friends at work that I'm pretty excited about.

3. Going Out with Said friends:  Self explainatory.

4. Becoming Healthier:  I've been trying for a long time to lose weight and be more healthy.  I always fall off the wagon far too soon.  This time I've gotten myself 20 lbs away from my goal weight.  I just have to start going to the gym more often.