Thursday, February 11, 2010

Same Sad Story

Once again this is a blog about how sad I am.  Let me whine just a bit about how unhappy I am with my life.  I keep applying for jobs, but I find nothing.  I get rejection after rejection.  I'm trying to get into cosmetology school but no one will give me a break and loan me the money I need.  VESID and RCIL were completely unhelpful, and BOCES can only offer me a payment plan.  I cannot take a payment plan if I don't have money in the first place.  I keep watching these fools on Shear Genius and can't help think even as an unseasoned hairstylist I could do better!  On the other hand I'm trying to write but not only does everything I write not seem good enough but even if I did write something semi-interesting I have no idea about how to go about getting published.  All I keep thinking is if the people around here don't even like me how can I get people around the world to like me?

I feel like I'm failing.  I keep disappointing my husband, he keeps getting more and more frustrated with me, and there's nothing I can do about it.  Sometimes I wish he would just leave because its getting to be too much.  I'm already depressed and anxious enough and then I can feel his negative energy bearing down on me.  I need a break from someone somewhere so that I can get into what I need. 

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  1. Applying for jobs is soul destorying isn't it! just keep at it and try to not let it get you down (although thats easy for me to say when im not in the same boat)
    What kinda of stuff do you write?