Monday, August 2, 2010

Letting Out My Demons

Today was a slightly emotional day.  The husband's birthday was today and I had to work so I was already slightly unhappy.  I wanted to spend time with him but he wound up spending his birthday bringing his car to Pepboys and walking to the mall.  We had a nice lunch together but I wish I could have made it a special day for him.  We planned on going to a water park some time this week but the weather where we live is super unpredictable and its tough to plan something like this.  I asked my two older nieces to come along with us and at first they were ok with coming but since the plans changed so many times they decided to back out from going.  A misunderstanding happened and I felt as though they just didn't want to go, and blah blah.  I still feel that way a bit however, I have to remember that teenagers have lives beyond family. 

It seems strange but the new episode of Holly's World tugged a little on my heart.  Last year I had a very special birthday party planned, not that it was a particularly special birthday for me it was just timing.  My mother gets free nights at the local casino/hotel and at the time they allowed you to bring your own alcohol into the building.  So we planned something big.  I invited my best friend but she used her 1 year old child as an excuse to not come.  I was watching Holly's World and Angel left her son for a few days to get a breast augmentation.  It just aggravates me that my "best friend" could say its because of her child that she couldn't be there for me for 1 night on the single most important day of the year but this girl can leave her child for a few day for something as frivolous as a boob job. 

I guess it wasn't too much to complain about I mean if this is the worst of my troubles I guess I have a pretty good life, but I just needed to get things off my chest.  I can't stand it when my thoughts keep me from sleep.

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