Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gossip Mill

The husband came home from work yesterday with a very sly grin on his face.  I asked him what his deal was and he replied "I know something you don't know."  I was to say the least quite intrigued by what info he may have.  He told me that my now former best friend and her boyfriend have broken up.  I'm not exactly happy it happened, but I do feel that she had this coming.  I don't think this has anything to do with why I have not heard from her since this is a recent development, so I really hope she doesn't think I'll feel sorry for her.  I have spent far too much of my time worrying about why she won't call, txt, or BBM me.  She's made her bed, and now she has to lay in it.  I'm becoming increasingly happy with where my life is headed.  If I could just find a job. 

On to politics.  Our great nation has finally received a health care reform.  I know, its not perfect and it will not fix everything but I feel positive about how this will affect all of us.  There will be an emphasis on physical, mental and female health.  It also widens the range of patients that the government can provide healthcare to.  Another good point is that there will be a new tax credit for small business employers who provide healthcare, which creates an incentive.  I really don't know exactly what my in-laws are so against. 

Question: why is there so much emphasis on the census this year?  Do we really have to fill it out?  What would happen if I don't answer correctly or honestly? Will the feds be after me?

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